Terms and Conditions on Checkout

1. I have verified that all spelling and content is correct.

2. I am satisfied with the document layout and understand that the artwork files will print as provided.

3. I acknowledge that once my order has been placed I cannot change the submitted files as I am consenting that my files are production ready. I take full responsibility for typographical, formatting and design errors. (Only submit artwork once it is finalized and ready for print.)

4. The options that have been chosen upon the order details page are correct and will be what I will receive upon my order.

5. I understand that all information (meta data) that will be submitted upon uploading content is accurate and will be embedded as provided.

6. I understand that production time begins only after disc content and artwork have been received without any issue.

7. Production days are business days (Mon-Fri) and do not include shipping time. Please factor in shipping when you decide the production type that is best for you

8. The day that my order is placed will be considered day 0; however, if the order is placed after cutoff time (2PM PST) the following day will be my 0 business day.

9. Payless Prints & Duplication is also an online business; therefore, all information regarding their order status and delays will be provided via electronic means (you will receive emails regarding order notifications to the email provided upon registering my account).

10. I am aware that it is my responsibility as a customer to follow up on the progress of an order by logging into my account and checking status under "order Lookup" tab. As a customer of Payless Prints & Duplication, I understand it is my responsibility to follow up on orders, I have placed to ensure all information and files provided to Payless Prints & Duplication have successfully passed quality control and made it into production stage. I Acknowledge that I am not guaranteed telephone notifications regarding my orders, and this will be done solely as a courtesy.